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LASC Mission Statement 


Lydgate After School Club aims to view each child as a individual by encouraging children to be creative and independent through free flow play. Our setting works to promote the welfare of each child, to allow them to explore and engage in fair and co-operative play, through a safe, supportive and adaptive environment. We work towards promoting positive mental, physical and emotional well-being so that each child is happy, comfortable and relaxed, by listening to one another and being observant to children’s needs.


As a setting, we seek to create a learning environment through the freedom of expression and different types of play in ways that are fun, friendly and fair, to help promote respect, resilience and self-confidence within each child.

Lydgate After School Club encourages parents, children and staff to value diversity and to develop positive relationships with one another to enable affective communication and to value each other’s privacy, thoughts and contributions.

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